Pace University

861 Bedford Rd

Pleasantville, NY 10570


Arm & Hammer Park

1 Thunder Rd

Trenton, NJ 08611


Yogi Berra Stadium

27 Clove Rd.

Little Falls, NJ


GO YARD Showcase Camps

GO YARD Sports ™ Prime Series Showcases offer Affordable, Efficient, All-Eyes-On-You” Exposure Platforms.


These are dynamic events designed to place you “Center-Stage” in front of Every Coach in attendance, without distraction, thus generating maximum college coach interest.


Our generous and outstanding mix of engaging college coaches are able to view all players on One-Field utilizing Multiple Sessions for improved coach-player ratio.


Formats created by premier former and present H.S., College, MLB, MILB Players and Coaches.


Please contact us with any questions, 908-963-2145 or [email protected].